Monthly Archives: October 2002

R.I.P. Senator Wellstone

As a disenfranchised inhabitant of the World’s newest democracy, I’ve made a few small political contributions to various Democratic election campaigns recently, in an attempt to help bring the U.S. back from the brink of the insane, unjust and dangerous War to Seize Oil. One of the campaigns I contributed $20 to a few days ago was Sen. Paul Wellstone… And now he is dead. He died in a “mysterious” plane crash…

Stuff Arrives

My stuff finally arrived in NYC just after 9am today, 22 days (i.e. more than 3 weeks!) after it was picked up by Bekins. That’s only slightly less time than it took to ship 5 crates from Britain to San Francisco by boat! A few inconsequential items were physically damaged, and some of the boxes were badly water-damaged — my stereo will need to dry out thoroughly before I try using it. Most of the boxes looked like they’d been bashed around quite a bit; the fact that most of my possessions seem to have survived intact is entirely due to my girlfriend Jessica, who did an amazing job of organizing my packing when I was walking around cluelessly scratching my head, helping me pack, and dealing with the movers in California after I’d already set off. Thanks Jess!