Monthly Archives: July 2009

Howard Bloom sighting in Park Slope

I just saw whacky-but-allegedly-seminal author, philosopher and thinker Howard Bloom wandering around on Union Street in Park Slope, Brooklyn, while I was out for a run.

How did I know it was Howard Bloom?

Firstly, I recognized him because he gave a presentation called “Notes from the Digital Desert — Saved by Cyber-Research” at the 2002 RLG Annual Meeting while I was working at RLG, and due to a crippling case of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome that rendered him unable to leave his Brooklyn apartment at the time, his presentation was delivered as a video recording for which I cleaned up the audio.

But primarily I recognized him because he had “Howard Bloom” monogrammed onto his shirt, just as he does in this screen grab from his 2002 RLG video presentation!

He looked somewhat distant, and was wandering around wearing an enormous pair of headphones. Still, it’s nice to see that he’s able to leave his apartment now!