Day 7: Niagara Falls, ON to Mt. Pocono, PA

Day 7:(Niagara Falls, ON to Mt. Pocono, PA). Today started badly, when I dragged myself out of bed and down to the dining room of the Imperial Hotel in Niagara Falls at 9:55am for my free breakfast, only to find that the kitchen had closed early, and there was only one young and completely disinterested receptionist to vent my spleen on. She was not very placatory. However, my mood improved dramatically after going to see the falls themselves, which were both spectacular and uplifting.
I crossed over the bridge to the U.S. around 2pm, and was given a scare for a few minutes when the customs guy went off to consult a colleague, taking my passport and parole documents with him. They eventually came back and waved me through though.

Once in the U.S. I headed for Buffalo to pick up my old friend I-90 again, but since I had time to kill (my apartment in NYC won’t be ready to move in to until wednesday evening) and rapidly got bored of the interstate, I came off on Hwy 63 at Batavia (where I found $10 on a gas station forecourt) and took a slower but more scenic route via I-390, I-86, Fwy 15, Fwy 6 (having dinner at the Towanda Motel), Hwy 107, I-81, I-380, and I-80, eventually winding up in motel in Mt. Pocono after driving a fairly paltry 349 miles.

The car is still doing fine, with the exception of the dodgy wheel bearing… It doesn’t seem to be getting any worse, though, so hopefully it will make it the last few hundred miles to Manhattan tomorrow!

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