Something good, something bad…

Balance is good, right?

Something bad: Last night I was having a quiet night at home, sitting on my sofa watching a DVD movie and drinking red wine (I didn’t quite finish the bottle, a fact I was inordinately proud of).

Towards the end of the movie (Charlies Angels 2: Full Lobotomy) I innocently stretched my legs out, which resulted in the most excruciating cramps in both calfs I’ve ever experienced. After rolling around on the floor in relentless agony for what seemed like an eternity, the pain finally started to subside.

Once I was able to walk again I went online to research the phenomemenon of muscle cramps, and was chagrined to find that the causes of this transient yet excruciatingly painful condition are basically unknown; muscular fatigue plays a role of course, but potentially so do hydration and electrolyte levels…

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