21st Century Draft!

Unbelievable — apparently there is legislation in preparation that will re-establish the draft in the United States!

In other news, Bush is apparently now having to backtrack over his claim that he knew nothing about the systemic torture in Iraqi prisons, because evidence has come to light of a memo claiming that Bush is exempt from pretty much any laws because he’s the President! Congress is demanding to see these memos, but of course Servant of Evil and wannabe crooner John Ashcroft is refusing to hand them over.

How much more are these people going to be allowed to get away with before they’re all impeached and tried for treason and war crimes?!

2 thoughts on “21st Century Draft!

  1. Anonymous

    are u completely retarded, or just a little bit? a 21st century draft would be the salvation of america… SHUT YOUR FACE!

  2. Tony

    I thought about deleting this asinine comment, but then decided I’d leave it to illustrate the voice of conservative America, where letters are only capitalized when shouting cowardly anonymous abuse. Thanks for your cogent and insightful comments anonymous!


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