The easiest $100 I ever made

I went to an posh office in midtown Manhattan today, to participate in a focus group about Earthlink, my cable Internet service provider (who I’m generally very happy with, by the way). Since I’m not working right now, I could easily spare a couple of hours between 6-8pm for $100, and besides which, I was curious to see how they would facilitate such a meeting.

However, there was some kind of administrative mix-up, because my name wasn’t on the list at the front desk, despite the fact that I confirmed by telephone on more than one occasion. They told me to take a seat and wait anyway, so I helped myself to the free coffee and sat down with a magazine.

Around 6pm, someone came out and called out some names, but my name wasn’t on the list, so I continued waiting in the reception area. 5 minutes later, the receptionist called me over and gave me a $100 bill, and said they wouldn’t need me after all!

So, I was paid a ton to sit around in a waiting area drinking coffee and reading a magazine for 15 minutes. I think that has to count as the easiest $100 I ever made.

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