Six Years in the U.S.A.

Six years ago today, I got off a ‘plane in California, drove a rented car to a shared apartment at 20th & Folsom in San Francisco’s Mission District, and started a new chapter of my life in the United States.

A lot has happened since then; I’ve moved house 3 times, moved jobs twice, made new friends and stayed in touch with old friends, had a 3-year relationship, travelled extensively, become a godfather, owned a classic American muscle car and re-located from the west coast to New York on the east coast.

People sometimes ask me if I’ll ever go back to the U.K., or whether I’m in the U.S. for good. After being here for six years, I’m still no closer to being able to answer that question; I’ll stay here for as long as it suits me to stay here. Of course I still have a lot of family and friends in the UK (not to mention a small storage locker in Hackney that has cost me almost 2000 pounds over the last 6 years!), but I also have a lot of connections here in the U.S. too.

One thought on “Six Years in the U.S.A.

  1. Angus

    Please consider this one vote fer staying. And if I get to vote twice, lemme throw in for a return to Ess Eff. It’s really much more engaging now. And I’ll alternately set up dozens of heat lamps and throw ice around your apartment if it’ll make you feel better….


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