Katrina: Criminal Negligence

By now, everyone is aware that the Hurricane Katrina evacuation, rescue and recovery operations have been mismanaged at every level to the point of criminal negligence. Here are a few of the links I found most profoundly disturbing or poignant:

Hurricane Katrina: Our Experiences
An account by two San Francisco-based paramedics who were in New Orleans for a conference. Their story tells a grim tale of police preventing people from leaving the city and forcibly disbanding groups trying to help each another. Thanks to Scyld for forwarding this one.

Tell Bush & Congress: Accept Cuba’s offer to send doctors to the hurricane victims
Apparently, Fidel Castro offered to send 1,100 doctors, completely self-sufficient with field medical packs, to the region devastated by Katrina, for free — and the U.S. government wouldn’t give them permission to enter the country.

This is Criminal
A report from a guy called Malik Rahim, a Green Party candidate for New Orleans City Council, that captures the sense of rage and frustration at the abysmal mismanagement of this entirely forseeable disaster.

Stop! Don’t criticize Bush for doing what he was hired to do
A sarcastic and cynical but agreeably vitriolic piece from the San Francisco Chronicle. Thanks to Debbie K. for sending one.

Hurricane Katrina, Another Impeachable Crime

A message from Ramsey Clark of the ImpeachBush.org campaign.

Finally, I’ll end with a topical joke (thanks to my colleague Laura for this one):

Q: What does George W. Bush think about Roe vs. Wade?
A: He doesn’t really care how people get out of New Orleans!

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