Bowling Logic

Tonight I went bowling in Brooklyn for my neighbour’s birthday. It was a lot of fun!

Particularly entertaining was an interaction I had getting a pair of those ugly bowling shoes (and why are they so damn ugly?). The lady behind the counter wanted one of my shoes in exchange for a pair of bowling shoes. This left me with 3 shoes. I asked her if she wouldn’t mind taking both of my shoes, but she said she couldn’t do that because then I might steal their bowling shoes!

One thought on “Bowling Logic

  1. carrie

    I once stole Bowling Shoes when I was at college. They were green and red with white soles and a big number 9 on the back of the heals. Hideous footwear! I thought bowling shoes were Mod like Paul Weller. Actually, they were not uncomfortable and complemented my grungey look at the time of second-hand, argyle, mohair cardigans and ripped up jeans with tights.


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