Right now I’m at Camilson’s Beach Resort in Sernabatim on the Goan coast, between Colva and Benaulim beaches, and it’s very beautiful and tranquil — a genuine tropical paradise, with hot sun, a cool breeze, palm trees and white sand.

I arrived in a tuk-tuk taxi from the train station about 7:00am in the morning, and sat watching the Indian Ocean waiting for the kitchen to open. When it did, I had a breakfast of cereal, eggs and bacon (the first bacon I’ve eaten since I’ve been in India, since I’ve been largely sticking to vegetarian Indian food), coffee and pineapple juice, which was just what I needed after a long journey.

Later I went for a dip in the sea (the waves were a little rough, but nothing like the brutal waves in Kerala where I was dashed against the rocks), and saw an unusual sight — three young Indian guys wading along through the surf with an ox!

Tonight will be my last proper night in India; I fly from Goa to Mumbai tomorrow (Friday 28th) evening around 5pm, then have about 12 hours to kill in Mumbai before flying back to JFK around 6am on Sat 29th.

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