I’ve been in Buenos Aires with Nan and her mate Alice almost a week now, and it’s been consistently great; the people are friendly and fun (not to mention beautiful), the nightlife is brilliant, and it’s really inexpensive compared to any comparable city I’ve been to. The highlights of the last week or so include the social scene at the Palermo House, dancing at Pacha until 7am, delicious and plentiful steaks, a tango show with just the right amount of audience participation, and a football match (we watched River Plate beat Colon 3-2 yesterday — it was a really good game).

We also took an overnight trip to an Estancia (ranch) on saturday, which was moy tranquilo and provided a much-needed bit of rest and relaxation amidst all the late nights; we ate barbecued beef, went on a short horse ride with a gaucho and were invited to a play in the pueblo (El Amateur), at which we were treated as guests of honour — at the end of the show, the Director stood up and thanked us for coming to the show.

We’re trying to get to Uruguay today, but it’s proving difficult because it is a bank holiday here. But another night in BA certainly wouldn’t be the end of the world!

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