Montevideo, Uruguay

It’s just past midnight on monday night, and I’m at the Days Inn Obelisco hotel, just outside the bus station in Montevideo, Uruguay. We only arrived about 15 minutes ago, and were too tired to find anything more interesting or better situated.

Actually today has been a bit of a struggle from the beginning; Nan is coming down with some bug, and went mental this morning when she thought she’d been robbed of $200 by the minibar guy in the Providencia Hotel in Buenos Aires (she eventually found the money in a different purse!). Then we tried to get tickets for the ferry, but the ticket office wasn’t where the guidebook said it should be; when we eventually got the tickets and arrived at the ferry terminal with our bags, we discovered that the booking clerk guy had made a mistake on the timing, and we had to change them again, and when we tried to board the ferry Nan’s friend Alice temporarily misplaced her boarding card and got very upset.

The ferry across to Colonia was uneventful, but when we arrived there was a full-on thunderstorm with torrential rain, which was very dramatic. Then we picked up our bags and got on a reasonably comfortable bus for the 3 hour connection to Montevideo.

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