Steak, wine, tango and tear gas

It´s Sunday lunchtime here in Buenos Aires, and I´m writing this from the guest Internet terminal at the Art Hotel (a useful facility, although somewhat harder to use than it should be because the letters have been worn off many of the keys on the keyboard!).

Since my last post, I´ve had a leather jacket made to order, taken a tango class at the Cafe Tortoni (apparently the oldest coffee shop in Argentina), danced extremely badly at a tango club, hung out with many of Chris & Martina´s friends in and around Buenos Aires, changed hotels, been for a swim in a private pool, played soccer, eaten a large amount of good beef and drunk a lot of good red wine.

In a few hours we´re going to a football match — Boca Juniors vs. Vélez Sarsfield. I´m very excited about it, because Nan & I had a great time watching River vs. Colon last time we were here. Chris is a little more apprehensive, however, since the last time he went to a Boca Juniors game, he was tear-gassed by the Argentinean police!

Speaking of tear gas, there´s some concern that Chris & Martina´s civil wedding might be disrupted tomorrow by a teachers´ strike, which may escalate into a general strike in response to the police killing a teacher protesting about pay and conditions last week; apparently Police fired tear gas into the crowd of protestors, and he was killed when he was hit in the head by the cannister.

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