Velez vs Boca Juniors

The Velez vs Boca Juniors game on Saturday was great — it was a beautiful sunny day, and the Velez home crowd were in great chanting form before the match, singing songs and waving around inflated blue bags that were thrown liberally into the stands.

But even though we were seated with the home team´s fans, the legendary Boca supporters — Jugador (player) No. 12 — drowned out the Velez fans with their drums, trumpets, trombones and voices, and continued to produce a constant wall of sound throughout the entire game.

The home team´s mood fell early on when Boca scored an easy goal less than 3 minutes into the game, and their mood hit rock bottom after a terrible and humiliating error by a defender, who was robbed of the ball by a Boca player.

The star player on the Boca team was No. 10, Riquelme. He didn´t score any goals, but was always good to watch.

Velez did manage to rally a little, and had a few chances, but ultimately Boca´s victory was a foregone conclusion — the final score was 3-1.

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