Monthly Archives: October 2004

Election Infographic

The BBC News website has a great interactive infographic about the U.S. election; it’s an interactive map showing American voting patterns state by state.

I found the map of past elections, which adds an interactive timeline to the map, particularly fascinating; I never knew that Richard Nixon gained 520 of the total 538 Electoral College votes, winning in every single state except Massachusetts in 1972, for example, or that Reagan was returned with 525 votes in 1984, elected by every single state except Minnesota.

The best year for the Democrats, however, was 1964, when Lyndon Johnson was elected with 486 of the votes.

The easiest $100 I ever made

I went to an posh office in midtown Manhattan today, to participate in a focus group about Earthlink, my cable Internet service provider (who I’m generally very happy with, by the way). Since I’m not working right now, I could easily spare a couple of hours between 6-8pm for $100, and besides which, I was curious to see how they would facilitate such a meeting.

However, there was some kind of administrative mix-up, because my name wasn’t on the list at the front desk, despite the fact that I confirmed by telephone on more than one occasion. They told me to take a seat and wait anyway, so I helped myself to the free coffee and sat down with a magazine.

Around 6pm, someone came out and called out some names, but my name wasn’t on the list, so I continued waiting in the reception area. 5 minutes later, the receptionist called me over and gave me a $100 bill, and said they wouldn’t need me after all!

So, I was paid a ton to sit around in a waiting area drinking coffee and reading a magazine for 15 minutes. I think that has to count as the easiest $100 I ever made.

New Blog Template

So I finally decided to use one of the standard Blogger templates, rather than the painstakingly hand-crafted (and not-especially-well-designed) one that made my Blog look like it was part of my main website, both because I couldn’t get the comments thing to work properly, and because I’ve finally acknowledged that light text on a black background really isn’t as easy to read.