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If you are a newcomer to the web, you may be asking yourself “what is this website about?”, “what is the point of it?” and “what am I doing here?”

I can provide answers to the first two questions, at least! This website is the personal web presence of Tony Gill, now in its fourth incarnation, and its primary purpose is self-promotion — although if you look closely enough, you may also see occasional attempts at social interaction, humour and self-parody.

I created the first version of my personal website back in 1996, because I saw my career becoming inexorably linked with the Internet and I wanted to demonstrate both an affinity for and a proficiency with the World Wide Web as a communications medium.

At this point my career has progressed to a point where practical web design skills are no longer a core requirement. However, this site still provides a sandbox for me to play around with new technologies that I find interesting (such as WordPress, which powers this version of the site), and hopefully also provides a useful promotional function.

As for what you are doing here: You’ll have to answer that question for yourself!

Brooklyn, NY, 2012-07-11.


All views or opinions expressed on these pages are my own, and should not be taken to reflect those of any other person or organization with which I am associated. They are also subject to change without any notice whatsoever.


Pretty much everything on this site is copyright (©) Tony Gill 1996-2012, particularly the images, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

In the unlikely event that you want to use content from here for purposes OTHER than those covered by the Creative Commons license, get in touch and we can discuss it.

One thought on “About this Site

  1. Lindsay Docherty


    Do you know Scyld from Hunters bar in Sheffield ,I went to Collage there in the 80,s and lost touch with him in London.I have been living in Stockholm Sweden for the last 20 years and would love to get in touch.
    Do you have an address for him please.

    Thanks Lindsay Docherty


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