Monthly Archives: December 2005

NYC Transit Strike

Today is Day 3 of the MTA strike that has wiped out public transit in New York City, and I’m working from home again.

Yesterday I was supposed to have a meeting (although of course it was cancelled 10 minutes after I’d set off), so I joined the massed throngs and cycled into work. Cycling in was OK, and even quite exhilarating at times on a crisp cold sunny winter’s morning, but it was also quite dangerous, as I had to weave through crowds of people and thick, aggressive traffic to make any headway. Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge was also a pain (despite the spectacular views) because it was super-crowded.

I also had an incident. Just before I arrived at my work, I somehow managed to take out another cyclist at the intersection of 6th Ave & 14th Street! We were pulling up parallel at the junction with him slightly ahead and to my right when he suddenly decided to take a sharp left and cross the street with the pedestrians, right across my path. I jammed on my very loud squeaky brakes, at which point he looked around with a “rabbit in the headlights” expression and fell on the floor — even though I never actually hit him! I apologised profusely, and he admitted that he should have looked behind before cutting across the street like that, but I think he hurt his leg, so that was unfortunate. There were a LOT of people on bikes who didn’t really seem to know what they were doing yesterday.

Anyway, the novelty of this strike is definitely starting to wear very thin.

Illegal spying authorized by Bush

I can’t believe Bush’s arrogant and bombastic defiance in the face of revelations that he authorized completely illegal spying on U.S. citizens without any congressional approval process whatsoever!

What other crimes will he attempt to justify using 9/11 and the threat of future terrorist attacks? How many more outrages will the American people (not to mention the rest of the World) take? Surely he has to be impeached now!

Perhaps even more shocking is the fact that some Democratic senators, for example Nancy Pelosi, were informed (although not consulted) about the spying program, and did nothing other than express strong concerns.

Green Card Approval!

Today is a red letter day. After a wait of over 5 years, today I received an I-181 Welcome Notice from the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services – which I’m reliably informed means that my Green Card application has been approved, and I will shortly have both the elusive card and Resident Alien status!