Day 6: Ann Arbor, MI to Niagara Falls, Ontario

Day 6:(Ann Arbor, MI to Niagara Falls, Ontario). Yesterday I discovered that the meticulous weblog I have been updating on a daily basis at has not been updating on my web site, because mangled my template (hence this new design, since I don’t have time to recreate my original template). Grrr!
I only drove about 300 miles today; after a very enjoyable breakfast with Jim & Leslie Milroy at their place in Ann Arbor, I set off for a lunch appointment with my friend Jennifer Moldwin Gustafson, at the Detroit Institute of Arts. In addition to buying me lunch, she was also kind enough to give me a quick tour of Belle Isle, where we saw albino deer! Afterwards, I drove to Niagara Falls in Canada, which is awe-inspiring in spite of the cheesy Vegas-style tourist development surroounding it.
I stopped worrying about the Deathmobile today, too — if the bearing goes, it goes.

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