Day 1: San Francisco, CA to Bend, OR

Day 1 (San Francisco, CA to Bend, OR) After running various errands in the morning, I set off from San Francisco at about 10:45am this morning, heading out across the Bay Bridge and up I-80, before switching to I-505, I-5 and then Hwy 97, ending up for the evening in Bend, Oregon (via Crater Lake, which I got to see just before the sun went down — pretty spectacular, although without the famous blue colour).

The Deathmobile seems to be holding up pretty well so far out here in truck country, although it gave me a scare by running a lot hotter than usual (it was 90F+ most of the way), and then dumping a load of coolant on the floor the first time I stopped for gas. I eventually persuaded myself not to worry about it.

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