Another month goes by

Well, it’s almost a whole month since I last posted anything here — tempus fugits, etc. etc. Quite a lot’s happened in that time — some of it good, some of it not so good…

Not so good: Getting unwelcome news from California on the telephone, and then having a long uncomfortable red-eye to the U.K. to churn it over.

Good: Seeing a lot of family and close friends in Kent, London, New York and Arlington, Virginia.

Not so good: Having to rescue my car from an evil and devious garage that have messed it up good and want to charge me over $1,000 to make it driveable again. Mike at Salamis Service Center, 21-15 38th Ave., Long Island City, NY — this means you. May you break out in malodorous pustulous sores, you greedy dishonest crook.

Good: Completing the painstaking editorial process with the CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model at a marathon 4-day CRM Special Interest Group meeting in Oxford.

Good: Watching the England v Turkey Euro 2004 qualifying match in two different pubs in South London (The Landor for the first half, the Duke of Edinburgh for the second). The score was 0 – 0, but the football and the atmosphere were amazing — particularly as a draw was all that England needed to qualify.

Good: Hearing the news that the Aussies are demonstrating in Canberra to protest of George Bush.

And soon it will be November.

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