Biting the Bullet

After a year of procrastinating, during which I wasted thousands of dollars on parking, insurance, registration and a miserable experience getting ripped off by a terrible and unscrupulous garage (Salamis Service Center in Long Island City, this means you, you scumbags!), I’ve finally decided to SELL MY CAR.

I’ve owned this 1969 Ford Mustang since I first moved to the United States in the summer of 1999, and not only did it transport me between my home in San Francisco’s Mission District and my job at RLG in Mountain View (most days) for 3 years, but it also got me to Las Vegas twice, North Lake Tahoe once, Big Sur once and across the continental U.S. once. It’s heartbreaking to get rid of it, but I just can’t justify the time and expense to keep a car that I don’t even slightly need in New York.

Drop me a line if you can give it a good home.

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