Broken Face

I finally got the results of the CT (Computerized Tomography, a true marvel of modern science) scan of my facial bones on Monday, after getting banged up in a snowboarding collision about a month ago (see St Valentine’s Day Massacre, blog passim).

It turns out my maxilla, which is part of my skull and which my top row of teeth are attached to, has multiple internal fractures. although fortunately they are not LeFort Fractures (LeFort was a French physician who studied facial injuries by dropping heavy objects on cadaver skulls!).

Also, my right sinus is full of some very unpleasant-sounding gunk. Here are some excerpts from the CT scan report:

“There is depression of the right malar eminence in association with evidence for remote comminuted fracture of the posterolateral wall of the right maxillary sinus. There is slight overriding of the fracture fragments. A significantly less striking depressed fracture of the anterior wall of the right maxillary sinus is also evident without overriding of the fracture fragments.”

“Extensive abnormal mucosal thickening is present in the right maxillary sinus in association with extensive mucosal disease in maxillary sinus ostium and ethmoid infundibulum. Soft tissue window settings demonstrate marked hyperdensity within the central portion of the sinus suggesting inspissated secretions and/or saprophytic fungus.”

Both the fractures and the clogged-up sinus can be clearly seen in these CT scans. I’ve highlighted the fractures in yellow (click on the thumbnail for a bigger version; about 160kb):

Amazingly, Dr Zimbler (I found out today that he’s a plastic surgeon!) said that there’s no need for surgery or any further action; the bones and the damaged nerves will eventually heal, my sinus will eventually drain (gross!) and there are no cosmetic requirements since I look completely normal.

The only remaining problem I have is a “maloccluded bite” — my teeth don’t close together properly — so I have to see an oral and maxillofacial surgeon.

And buy a snowboarding helmet.

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