Funny Links

I’ve been sent links to some very funny websites recently.

The first, from my friend Paul Facer in the UK, is a story about a guy who managed to scam a “419” scammer. If you’ve used e-mail for more than the last 20 minutes or so, you’ll have experienced the 419 scam; it’s when you get a spam e-mail from someone in Nigeria (and it’s always Nigeria) who claims to have a vast sum of money, and they need YOUR help to get it out of the country, because they’ve heard how honest and trustworthy you are. I can’t believe that anybody actually falls for these scams, but apparently it’s something like the 4th biggest industry in Nigeria, and the fact that I get a steady stream of them indicates that they must work. Anyway, here’s a funny story about a guy who scammed a 419 scammer.

The second one is a commercial website that sells anti-motivational products that are parodies of motivational products; you know those cheesy posters with a picture of a mountain climber or an eagle or something, and some kind of positive motivational message underneath? Anyway, check out, especially the “demotivators” product line. Pure genius. Thanks to Scyld Bowring for pointing me to that one.

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