More dire Iraq-related revelations

A couple of political rants for today…

First of all, even more evidence has surfaced today that Bush decided to use 9/11 as a stick to beat Saddam Hussain with on the basis of, er, NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER, according to today’s edition of “The Daily Mis-Lead,”’s excellent daily e-mail newsletter.

I also found out last night from a friend that the so-called “contractors” that were killed and whose corpses were brutally mutilated in Fallujah recently were employees of Gary Jackson’s Blackwater USA, a shadowy and frightening private army made up of ex Navy seals and other highly trained and dangerous nutters. As their website proudly says, “Blackwater EXECUTES WITH SPEED and EFFICIENCY.” I feel safer already. What happened to them was still horrible of course, but to pass these mercenaries off as “security guards” is more than a little disingenuous. Securicor they ain’t.

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