Random Linkage

Thought I’d post a few random links — there’s no common theme between them, except that I came across them all recently.

Florida Election Fraud — lest we forget what happened in Florida in the last U.S. Presidential election, here’s a powerful warning about what can go wrong for the MTV generation (680kb Flash movie, broadband recommended).

“Electronic Ink” eBook reader — this new gadget has a display resolution that’s as good as newsprint, which will make it just as easy to read electronic text as the printed word, plus it’s static, so it only needs power when the display needs to be updated. This technology will revolutionize ebook readers and, when a colour version is eventually developed, all digital displays.

Lego World Builder — I spent more late night hours than I care to admit playing this addictive Shockwave game last week (I always loved Lego as a kid). Fortunately you can turn the awful music off (broadband recommended).

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