Goodbye Deathmobile!

Well it finally happened, after 15 months of expensive procrastinating and 5 months of getting my act together: I SOLD MY CAR TODAY! I will no longer be the proud owner of a black 1969 Ford Mustang Grande hardtop (affectionately nicknamed “The Deathmobile” by a nervous passenger in San Francisco).

After creating it’s very own website and picture gallery, I eventually put Deathie up on eBay Motors, and someone bought it today for $5,995 using the “Buy It Now” feature.

I have very mixed feelings about this… Although I’m happy to have finally sold the car for a good price, and will no longer have to pay $160 a month for it to be garaged on Roosevelt Island, and can forget about maintenance headaches, I’m also quite sad; both because I’m much more attached to this car than I should be, and because in many ways it marks the end of my initial American adventure — I bought the car within a month or so of moving to California in 1999, and it’s been a constant (and a constant headache, truth be told) in my life ever since.

Ah well, there’ll be other cars, I guess…

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