Trip of a Lifetime

Again, it’s been almost a month since my previous posting — and a pretty bizarre month it’s been!

I left my job at ARTstor on the 23rd July, somewhat unexpectedly… It was kind of a shock at first, but I very quickly came to see it as a very positive development, because I’d been thinking about other opportunities for a while anyway.

To celebrate this life change, I’m embarking tomorrow on a 6-week trip to South America! At 7am tomorrow I’m due to catch a plane from JFK, and after several changes I will end up in Santiago, Chile, where I’ll spend two nights before heading off to the Valle Nevado resort for 4 days of snowbaording.

After that it’s back to Santiago for a night before flying to Buenos Aires in Argentina, to meet my friend Nan. We’ll soend a few days there, and then catch the ferry to Uruguay and make our way to Montevideo.

After hanging out in Uruguay for a few more days, Nan will head home and I will make my way up to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil; haven’t figured out quite how, yet, but no doubt I’ll find a way!

After a week or two in Brazil, I’m planning to fly to Lima, Peru, from where I’ll do the high-altitude Inca Trail hike to Machu Picchu, before finally heading back to Santiago in Chile for the return flight home, and some concerted job-hunting effort.

So basically it’s the trip of a lifetime, and I need to book a taxi to come and pick me up in about 5 hours!

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