Home Again

I’m back home in my apartment in Brooklyn again, where everything is exactly how I left it (in something of a rush) 6 weeks ago — I’m always relieved to find that my house hasn’t burnt down when I come back from a long trip!

The journey home took all day, but was relatively uneventful after I boarded the plane at Lima; I had about 30 minutes between planes at San Jose airport in Costa Rica, so I bought some organic coffee to bring home.

I eventually landed at JFK around 1am EDT, and whizzed through immigration and customs in record time — I was in the taxi queue less than 30 minutes later, and was home just after 2am.

Now I have to go through all of the mail, bills and junkmail (about 6 inches thick of it!) that accumulated while I was away, and get my “real” life back into some semblance of order!

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