Coping with Tragedy

So like many of the millions, no, billions of people around the World that are absolutely gutted that George Dubya Bush has been elected (for real this time!) for another 4 years, I’ve been seeking solace from the various serious and not so serious post-election commentaries online. Here are some of my favourites:

Klamtroob: What Happened

Analysis of a tragedy, by an informed and eloquent American. Thanks to Amy for pointing me to her friend’s blog a while ago.

How Soccer is Eating America

The best long-term hope for a more globally-aware America? Thanks to Scyld for finding this one.

Marry an American

Those good, good people to the North have started a website to help liberal Americans migrate to Canada through marriage. Thanks to Ricky for this one.

Dear Limey Assholes

The Guardian newspaper in the UK launched an initiative to help readers in Britain contact undecided voters in Clark County, Ohio. This page details some of the hilarious responses.

Daily Mirror front page, 4 Nov 2004

The headline of this low-brow left-wing Brit tabloid reads: “Doh! 4 More Years of Dubya! How can 59,054,087 People be so Dumb?” Thanks to George for sending this first, although I also got it from Scyld.

God Help America

More polemic from the Daily Mirror. Not elegantly written, but satisfyingly scathing.

More links as they (inevitably) arrive…

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