Election Day

I think Kerry’s going to win the U.S. Presidential election today. Here’s why:

  • Many former Republican voters have gone on record pledging to vote for Kerry this time around. I haven’t heard of any former Democrat voters swinging to the Bush side

  • Apparently Dick “Sick” Cheney flew to Hawaii to campaign for the 4 Electoral College votes there today — surely an act of desperation!

  • There are something like 14,000 volunteer lawyers standing by across the U.S. to assist in the case of voting irregularities

  • Kerry looks increasingly confident, whereas Bush simply looks tired and dogmatic

  • The opinion polls (which are notoriously inaccurate) are predicting it to be within a few percentage points — easily within the margin of error

  • Kerry is well-known for making last-minute come-backs

  • The Boston Red Sox won the World Series, ending the Curse of the Bambino

  • A left-wing coalition party led by cancer doctor Tabaré Vázquez was elected at the weekend in Uruguay

  • Because the alternate scenario is just too awful to contemplate

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