It’s been a funny old week…

Right now I’m sitting with my laptop at a communications centre at Schipol Airport in Holland, using an expensive wifi internet connection and procrastinating about finishing my talk for the University of Bergen on monday.

Over the last week I have had several fun and messy nights out in London, attended my grandmother’s cremation, caught up with lots of old friends that I hadn’t seen for years, stayed on a farm in the Fens and had a few job-search related “networking” meetings.

I also had to abandon my friend Phil with nothing but my mobile phone, a extra shirt and couple of quid, after he locked himself out of his (very secure) Brixton flat as I was leaving for the airport!

Soon I am going to be taking a KLM flight to Bergen in Norway, where I have been invited to do this talk at the University (which I haven’t finished yet, incidentally). I am also going to do the “Norway in a Nutshell” tour tomorrow, which I’m looking forward to.

Then it’s back to the U.S. on Tuesday.

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