The Home Straight

Less than 48 hours of my 30-day detox programme to go! I’m not sure yet what I’m going to consume to reward myself this Friday night, but it’ll almost certainly include beef in some form — probably either a steak or a cheeseburger — and some beer.

I haven’t really missed any particular food or drink specifically, but what I have really missed is freedom of choice — the freedom to eat whatever seems good at the time, or the freedom to eat in restaurants and bars with friends.

The diet on this detox programme was so restrictive that it was pretty much impossible to eat out; the only time I managed it was at a raw foods restaurant called Quintessence, where the food is 100% vegan, organic, kosher, and “raw” (i.e. never heated above 118 degrees fahrenheit), and even there the restriction on salt resulted in a very limited and rather uninspiring choice.

I’ll post a more detailed post-detox report on Friday…

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