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I had a great birthday weekend! On Friday 13th (my actual birthday) I went with five friends to a restaurant in Red Hook called Bouillabaisse, and had a fantastic filet mignon.

Saturday was initially kind of hectic, as I was rushing around in a Zipcar — the first time I’d used the cars-by-the-hour service. I was supposed to get a Beamer for a couple of hours, but due to various delays and complications I ended up with a hybrid gas-electric Toyota Prius, which was cool in a different way — kind of like driving a laptop with wheels. I used the Prius to borrow a turntable and mixer from Jonas in the Lower East Side, after which I picked up hundreds of dollars’ worth of liquor and beer in Brooklyn for a party at my house later that night. It was a lot of work tidying the house and filling the bath with ice and drink, but the party was a lot of fun, so it was totally worth it.

Then on Sunday after cleaning up my apartment while listening to vinyl and running into various friends out and about in Carroll Gardens, I went to a reception at my new job to celebrate the opening of a new exhibition, Greetings from Home: 350 Years of American Jewish Life. The exhibition itself was very interesting, although I was a little tired from the previous night’s revelries, so the speaker program dragged on a little for me.

After the reception I headed back to Brooklyn and met some friends for a curry, followed by beers and a few games of pool in the Brooklyn Inn before getting a relatively early night.

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