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I took a two-day Basic Sailing course with Manhattan Sailing School this last weekend with Tina, George and Raluca, and it was really a lot of fun!

We got to sail up the Hudson River and around New York Bay for two glorious sunny days in a J/24 sailboat called “Stag Hound,” and by the end of the course we’d really learnt a lot. Our tutor was a salty sea dog by the name of Owen; he was very good, I liked his teaching style. He taught us both the mechanics of maneuvering the boat (e.g. rigging, tacking, jibing etc.), plus the various safety procedures and navigational protocols that you need to sail a boat through busy shipping lanes.

The course was fairly intensive, running from 9am to about 7pm on both Saturday and Sunday — we were pretty tired at the end of both days. We were also each sent a thick American Sailing Association manual before the course, and now have the option to take a short multiple choice test and apply for basic certification.

L-R: Tina, George, Raluca and I sailing a J/24 sailboat on the Hudson River Posted by Picasa

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