Feeding Frenzy

My friend Merrilee was berating me yesterday for not providing an RSS feed of my blog; she couldn’t understand why anyone would publish a blog and then not make it available as a feed that people who use content aggregators (e.g. Bloglines) could subscribe to.

I’ve never really got into web content syndication tools myself, and pointed out that I’ve had this blog since 2002 — before RSS feeds were in widespread use. Besides, I couldn’t believe anyone would actually want to subscribe to my inane ramblings — surely people just come here when they’re bored and have some time to kill?

However, she was adamant that I should provide a feed, so after a bit of faffing I’ve (hopefully!) set it up. First I had to activate the Atom feed feature on my Blogger account, then I created a Feedburner account to convert the feed into other formats such as RSS.

So now clicking on this little orange icon should enable my dear devoted readers to subscribe to my blog in a variety of feed formats:

Alternatively, the Atom feed can be accessed directly (without going through Feedburner) here: http://blog.tonygill.com/atom.xml

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