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Just a few hours after I posted my previous entry about the RLG/OCLC merger, it was picked up and cited (with my permission) by Paula Hane, a journalist and News Bureau Chief for Information Today Inc., in her 8 May NewsBreaks article “RLG to Merge with OCLC.”

I was amazed that she found my blog posting so quickly — long before it could have been indexed by any of the major search engines — so I asked her how she had come across it (I’m always amazed that anyone actually reads this blog, let alone journalists researching serious topics!). She told me she’d found it through a blog search engine called

I checked it out by searching for the same topic, and sure enough, I was able to find dozens of blog entries about the RLG/OCLC merger, just hours after the official announcement went out.

So I guess my online ramblings here are in fact a bona fide part of the blogosphere now.

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