Wedding No. 1

Chris & Martina´s civil wedding took place yesterday at the Registro Civil here in Buenos Aires, and it was a surprisingly funny and light-hearted event for a legal ceremony — both the registrar and translator were cracking jokes throughout, and there was a lot of laughter in addition to the formal parts of the ceremony.

Afterwards we went to a reception at Martina´s mother´s apartment in Recoleta, which was also very nice — we drank champagne and ate cake.

Afterwards I took a power nap before heading out for dinner in Palermo Viejo with some British and Argentinean wedding guests, followed by a trip to another tango place. The dancing was great to watch, but it was all a bit too serious and intimidating for a complete novice like me to try.

Tonight, in a somewhat belated and unorthodox fashion, we are having a stag night (bachelor party) for Chris.

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