Cartagena, Colombia — first day

I´m in Cartagena, Colombia right now, for my old schoolfriend Stuart´s bachelor party this weekend — I arrived last night at about 10pm, after a long day of travelling that involved three separate flights.

My first observation was that it is hot and VERY humid here! My second observation is that there´s a lot of poverty, and consequently if you are obviously a tourist (which I am — obvious, that is), a lot of people attempt to sell you stuff that you neither want or need: jewellery, T-shirts, cigars, sunglasses, fake watches etc. etc.

I´m staying in the Monterrey Hotel, which so far seems quite agreeable; I have a nice, clean room with a big bed, A/C, a TV and minibar and a small balcony overlooking the courtyard. I´m sharing it with a small lizard, who makes quite an inoffensive roommate!

Anyway, I´m off in search of a fish supper!

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