Detox Day 12

Today is day 12 of my 30-day detox (for details about the detox programme itself, see previous entry, A Clean Start), and so far it’s been fairly unproblematic; I haven’t experienced any huge cravings or withdrawal-type symptoms (such as the anticipated caffeine withdrawal headaches) whatsoever.

My only real complaints are that the diet is both time-consuming — I seem to be spending most of my time either shopping, cooking, eating or cleaning-up at the moment — and quite boring.

Of all the things I’m avoiding on this programme, salt is probably the most inconvenient; it’s in pretty much any processed food product with more than one ingredient, even those from the nearby heath food store (where I suspect I’m single-handedly putting the proprietor’s children through college).

I’ve noticed a few changes in my overall health and well-being, although nothing very dramatic so far… Both my energy level and general mood are much more consistent and even throughout the day, without any significant highs or lows, and I probably have slightly more energy in total than usual. My blood pressure is somewhat variable, ranging from levels that are higher than usual (134/79) to the lowest reading I’ve had in 4 years (108/57). My weight has also been fluctuating between 165 lbs and 168 lbs — again, on the low side of normal.

I’ll reach the halfway point this Thursday; hopefully there are more improvements to come!

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