This Week’s Link Selection

One serious and two humorous (and quite possibly offensive — you have been warned!) links to share:

Gore Vidal Interview

Robert Knight of WBAI radio interviews Gore Vidal, one of the most intelligent and sensible American political commentators over many decades (thanks to George W. for this one): gore_vidal-wbai-robert_knight-jan-20-2005.mp3

London Underground

A very funny and angry song about striking London Underground tube drivers. You can also buy a whole CD by these two doctors, and all of the proceeds go to Macmillan Cancer Relief; go to (as an aside, I have to say that, from the perspective of an former resident but intermittent visitor to London over the last 5 years or so, public transport in the capital seems to have improved somewhat). Warning: The song contains a LOT of strong language, and is not for the easily offended (thanks to Sebastian B. for this): LondonUnderground.mp3

Viral VW advertisement

This is either a parody or a viral advertisement from Volkswagen, but it’s as funny as it is tasteless — the filename gives you a clue as to the topical content. Again, this is not for the easily offended (thanks to Scyld B. for this). vw-suicide-bomber

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