It’s 11pm and I’m sitting in a small, cramped Internet place in Bangalore, India right now, writing this while 5 Indian guys are watching their national cricket team thrash England.

I finally left Kerala today, after a very relaxing week hanging out with Johnny, Emily and the other wedding guests. But I wasn’t just relaxing at Surya Samudra: I also had an ayurvedic massage, got sick with and recovered from a 24 hour bug that was doing the rounds, went on an overnight backwater river cruise as part of a big group, and did a day trip to the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu that included a temple, a palace and a visit to the southernmost tip of India, Kanniyakumari, which is where Ghandi’s ashes were scattered into the sea.

Tomorrow I’m planning to go to Mysore, where I think I’ll stay one night before heading to Hampi for a few nights, before taking a train to Goa.

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