Johnny & Emily’s Keralan Wedding

Johnny Diamandis & Emily Karim got married yesterday, in the spectacularly beautiful setting of Surya Samudra Beach Gardens here in Kerala, India.

The wedding was pretty much perfect — after a humanist ceremony on a petal-strewn terrace overlooking the Indian Ocean, we had drinks and then a many-course dinner with a variety of traditional Indian dance acts, followed by speeches (I told a little story about Johnny from when we were kids), a display of Greek dancing by all the women led by Jonhhy’s mum Zena, some Egyptian dancing by one very brave woman, fireworks, some acrobatic fire eaters and then dancing in the sand. The entire event was held in the open air.

There was a moment of panic when Emily dropped her wedding ring in the sand, but everyone looked and it was quickly found by one of the other guests.

It was a great day.

2 thoughts on “Johnny & Emily’s Keralan Wedding

  1. Anonymous

    we enjoyed your speech about johnny and his memory loss and his not having the best bike at least for 1 day! anna,tareq and their new baby boy richard

  2. Anonymous

    Hi Tony

    Glad you enjoyed the wedding. I chose the anonymous identity not because I wanted to be anon but didn’t know any better! Actually Andria taught the Greek dancing and led it – don’t like to take credit where not due. It was great meeting up with you again after all these years. Zena


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